LOLER Inspection

Forklift Truck Thorough Examination Testing

LOLER Inspection
LOLER Inspection

Our engineers are qualified to carry out Thorough Examination Forklift Truck Tests. Thorough Examination for fork lift trucks is roughly equivalent to the MOT for cars and is intended to:


  • Establish that the forklift truck can continue to be operated with safety and without injury to persons; provided that the truck is operated to the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Verify that the fork lift truck is operating as it is intended to when lifting and travelling;
  • Identify defects or weaknesses which could compromise the safe use of the forklift truck;
  • Specify the time-scales within which identified defects or weaknesses need to be rectified;
  • Establish that defects identified in the pervious report of Thorough Examination have received attention;
  • Assess the correct function of all safety devices;
  • Check that warning notices are correctly fixed and legible;
  • Where necessary specify any limitation on the use of the fork lift truck


Thorough Examination is a mandatory check that is required by law to ensure that the mechanical parts of your fork lift are in safe working order and every fork lift truck must have a Thorough Examination at least once a year. If your forklift truck lifts people in a safety cage the forklift truck and cage must be tested every six months. Thorough Examination is composed of two regulations ‘LOLER’ (lifting components) and ‘PUWER’ (anything that’s not lifting). If your Thorough Examination is carried out by your insurance company please make sure that they are covering both regulations. As some insurance companies only provide a ‘LOLER’ test which only covers the fork lift trucks lifting mechanisms and not the rest of the truck.

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